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Online Buying Property in North Cyprus

Online Buying Property in North Cyprus

In the current situation, when not everyone can afford to travel to Northern Cyprus to view and buy an apartment in person, we offer an online transaction.

1 We receive from the client an application for the selection of property according to all his wishes and budget.
We send the client
all the detailed information about each property.

2 Once the client has decided on the property, we arrange an online viewing of the property and negotiations with the developer.
During this meeting, all detailed questions about the amount of payment, payment deadlines, etc. are discussed.


3 The client has chosen an apartment or villa and is determined to buy it, the property must be booked.
For this purpose, a relevant contract is signed
The object is not put up for sale for a certain period of time, also the value of the object is fixed, so the price will not change in the future.

deposit of 1,000 USD to 5,000 USD is made (depends on the object and the developer)

4 If the client acquires an apartment at the stage of construction, the payments are made gradually, as a rule 30% of the first
payment, and then according to the schedule set out in the contract

5 It is also possible to arrange for a deposit, and after arrival in Northern Cyprus, the client can arrange all the documents for the purchase of the property in person.

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